Murphy Brown returns to FYI

Murphy Brown returns to FYI


written by:  Diane English
directed by:  Barnet Kellman

Welcome to the start of Season One! Lauren and Jesi go through the pilot episode of Murphy Brown, “Respect”, written by series creator Diane English. The gals talk about the amazing guest stars, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and personal anecdotes from the co-hosts -- including who has fondled an Emmy (like Frank Fontana), and who has personal knowledge of Murphy (her addiction to a #2 soft pencils). Shoulder pads and secretaries await you! 

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Candice sings in her Oscar-nominated role of Jessica in “Starting Over” (1972)

California Raisins Commercials

Plot Bunnies - Lauren was kinda right.

The Murphy Brown SoundTrack

Trailer for “Simple Wish”

Jessica Mullins