Revival Talk #2: Jim, Jim, Jim! (Season 11)

Jim 2 - 3 shirts.jpg

Jesi and Lauren delve straight into what they are calling “Act 1 of Season 11” of the Murphy Brown revival. They will be discussing themes, arcs, and standout moments of “We (Don’t) Heart Huckabee” (11.2), “Three Shirts To The Wind” (11.4), “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” (11.5), and “Results May Vary” (11.6). Topics include: Murphy and Adult Avery’s (Jake McDorman) relationship, Patricia Field’s wonderful costume choices, Corky’s (Faith Ford) growth from the original series to now, easter eggs from the classic series, and their love of the dynamics of the new characters played by Nik Dodani, Adan Rocha, and Tyne Daly.

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STYLE GUIDE 11.6  “Results May Vary”

Jessica Mullins